Fashion Trend - White Saree Bollywood Style

Patterns and colors are not for everyone and if the bold shades and florals are giving you a headache this summer, maybe it’s time for a detox.

Wondering what’s bringing an influx of fresh air on the ramps and red carpet?
The heavenly white! 

Sarees on the other hand have been the most surviving garment and have not lost its charm ever since.
Where am I heading towards? 

Well, I know you think that white is one dimensional but ever tried donning a white saree in celebrity style?
New season and new trend! That’s what it is! 
Let’s try to convince you by some sexy examples.

Who amongst you love Deepika’s style?
Woah! I can hear a loud cheer. 

Well, what shocks me is how did you not notice the most striking ensembles that literally made everyone skip a heartbeat.

Madhuri Dixit maybe be spreading all kind of colors with her evergreen smile but one nine yard of hers took my eyes off her smile for some time.

See, if has got the same effect on you.

Sonakshi Sinha went off the donkey trail and proved that ‘Wo yahan zero banne nahi, hero banne aayi hai’.
She might have not been able to win every girl’s heart there, but she did make everyone surprisingly KHAMOSH by her super stunning saree.

She was the miss world in 1994. That’s it! That’s all I am going to say in her style defence.
If Aishwarya can be sure of wearing a white saree and still look fabulous, I think you don’t need to think twice on this garment!

She is the ‘Begum’ and dresses like one too.
Kareena Kapoor has always been looked up for her sensible style fundas and what better example I can show you other than this.

Who’s the Hottest Girl in the World? 
The super stunning desi girl, Priyanka Chopra! She carries her saree with at most poise and seems like she has given an all new dimension to the mighty white.

I have the best for the last. She is a style goddess.
When in doubt, Sonam is the fashion agony aunt you can switch on too!
Seems like she has swiveled her magic wand over this attire also!

And then we have our own Shalini here

Which one did you like the best?

Try them and who know you meet your Shahrukh :)

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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