10 Tips on How to Wear Sequins | Bollywood Style

All that glitters is not gold! And thank god for that! Call them sequins, shimmer or glitter; nothing makes you stand out in a crowd the way they do! If you are wearing some sparkle, eyes are sure to be on you. I may not be wrong if I say they practically define us. Wearing them may be a cake walk for some but for some, they sure are the trickiest thing. You would not want to become a practical example of ‘taare zameen par’ by stacking all the sequins at once. Would you? So, the style mantra is simple: keep the other parts of the ensemble low key for the shimmer to stand out. Want some examples? Your wish is my command.

Sequined Skirt

Teaming a sequined skirt with a plain shirt or vice versa is a perfect example of glitz with glamor. You can make your skirt do double shift by wearing it for day as well as night.

Glitzy Jacket

They alone are enough to make a style statement.
Pair them with simple denims or shorts, they will treat you the same way and that is: bag you truck load of compliments.

Cocktail Dress

Nothing can make a girl shine like a star like a perfect sequined dress.
If you thinking of wearing it during the day time, please change your mind!
They are just not meant for sunny days.

Crop Tops

Well, what can I say about them! Just pure love! Undoubtedly they are trendy.
But do you know what makes them trendier? Adding shimmer to it!
You can never go wrong with them whether you team it with simple flared pants, denims, long or short skirts.

Chic Pants

Ever tried to make heads turn by donning an oh-so-chic sequined pant?
Well, now is the time!
Perfect for the party lovers to go oh-la-la!



Can our world be complete without accessories? Of course not!
To make it just perfect, glamorous shimmered bags, clips, shoes, hair bands, stockings, bracelets and make up are just a thought away.
But remember not to use all of them at once.
Team them up with nudes to work well for you.


With the scorching heat and the soaring temperature, shorts are all you can think of. Right! How about making these boring shorts a little interesting with some sequins? Sounds good to me! Let me know what you think of it


Want to go out in the sun with a glitzy top?
Put a plain or chequered shirt over it. Want to go out at night with a glitzy top?
Just wear it alone. As simple as that!
Having said it all, Stay glamorous at all times!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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