Food Review : The Biere Club | New Menu Launch

This week we planned a comfy evening with friends at...

The Biere Club

to try the new menu they have introduced.

The Biere Club is located in the heart of the city at Lavelle Road, with beautifully done interiors and inviting microbrewery and 2 floors of seating space.
We decided to sit on first floor which is game room, and all action happens there, it has the perfect openness and sporty atmosphere which just works for us.
You can try your hand on Foosball or challenge your friend to a game of pool. With beer it works perfectly, Isn't it!! and when the beers are fresh brewed to perfection, what else you need...

We started evening with our favorite Wheat Beer and some Biere cocktail samplers which came in cute "cutting chai" glasses.

For Food we tried following:

Pizza samosas

Hummus trio - classic, red pepper, red bean and walnut with lavosh and sweet potato chips -- Recommended 

Chicken with peppers, chilli and coriander -- Highly Recommended

Rava fried fish and chips - Highly Recommended

Corn curd salt and pepper

Asian style cottage cheese skewers with thai peanut dip

Beef and potato curry puffs

Prawn chettinaad -- Highly Recommended

Mutton pepper

Pork vindaloo with pav - Highly Recommended

Beef stroganoff with steamed rice

Massaman chicken curry with steamed rice 

Cheesy ravioli with creamy green pea sauce
Hummus Trio
 Hummus Trio was tasty and healthy alternative to finger food, if you are diet conscious this is something which can go perfectly for you it has greens and hummus with pita and red bean. -- Recomended
Chicken with peppers, chilli and coriander
Chicken was tender and juicy and was a good alternative with regular chilly chicken which we have with drinks -- Highly Recommended
Rava fried fish and chips
 Rava Fried Fish was nice and crispy with that kick with chilly, worked well as finger food with drinks.
Pork vindaloo with Pav
Pork vindaloo was perfectly spiced and one of my favorite of the day.
Beef Stroganoff with steamed rice
Massaman chicken curry with steamed rice

As we were enjoying food and drinks, Vishal had surprise in store for us 
Submarine bombs-- Highly Recommended

Submarine Bombs is beer of your choice with shot, this is something which you need to try as the name suggest it will blow up your mind :)

For Desserts we tried

Biere battered bounty bars with ice cream

Knickerbocker glory -- Highly Recommended

Sticky date and toffee pudding 
Knickerbocker glory
 Knickerbocker glory was my kind of dessert and really loved it, and it being served is cutting chai glass added different dimension to it. -- Highly Recommended
Biere battered bounty bars with ice cream
 Biere battered Bounty bars were nice, but my choice of deserts are non oily.
Sticky date and toffee pudding

Overall a great evening spent with friends and that Submarine Bomb is unforgettable.

So guys plan your visit to Biere Club with friends soon and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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