Wedding staple: Indo Western Ishtyle!

Do you think our culture has been influenced a lot by the western countries lately? Yes, even I think so. What once was a western delicacy, now has become a part of our diet, rock music has taken over majorly on the classic tracks. When we have soaked up our selves so much of the western culture, it’s natural that we copy their fashion sense as well.

In which attire moms imagine their daughters on their wedding day? Hands down! Lehanga or Saree! But for the brides who want a little ‘Hatke’ look, can opt for Indo western attire, not comprising on the traditional ensemble entirely. This east meets west concept has lot of options in store for you!

Crop Top Lehanga
Lehanga is the best option for the brides who do not want to hassle themselves with the saree pleats. The wonderful falling pleats and gher of the lehanga gives the most wanted feminine look every mom wants for her daughter. A modernized version of it is replacing the traditional blouse with a crop top and rock even at your wedding day.

Gown Sari
This nine yard cloth has become the national outfit for every woman. I may not be wrong if say, wearing and handling is quite challenging. Well, surprisingly there is a beautiful alternative, gown sari. Pre stitched and quite modern to make you stand out in the crowd.

Full Length Gown
Did you ever imagine looking like snow white when you were small? Me too! This western full length gown with Indian embroidery will surely make heads turn and make your big day even more memorable by making you look like an Indian snow white!

Anarkali Gown
A gown with a high slit in the middle or sideway is the western version of this outfit. The Indian version is wearing it with a churidar or pyjama. This twist is quite interesting for me. Why don’t you try and see if it works for you as well.

Pant Saree
Ever thought that you could wear pants on your wedding day too? It is so comfortable that you can even run but please don’t do that. You are the bride after all! This is a perfect example of east meets west. You can adjust the pallu according to your height. Some may think that it’s not realistic. What I think is you should be able to wear whatever you like. Isn’t it?

Not-so-Salwar Kameez
Salwar kameez enjoys much love and popularity like a saree. This beautiful draped piece has been in the Hershey’s list of Indo western ensembles since a long time. The embroidery on the blouse gives it the much needed oriental touch.

Gown with a Duppata
As said earlier, wearing a gown on your wedding day will make you look like an Indian snow white. To go more the Indian way, you can carry it with a duppata. This isn’t much different from the Indo western look but is sure to bag you compliments.

Indianized Jumpsuit
I have to go for a party. Let me wear a jumpsuit. Elegant yet sexy! It’s my wedding brunch. What should I wear? ummmm…jumpsuit! Yes! The talented designers have added an Indian ‘Tadka’ to the western piece with the beautiful embroidery for you to wear it anywhere you want.

Corset skirt
The impression you will get will be much like a lehanga. The only difference would be it would be straight cut to give the western touch. The corset blouse with heavy or light( whatever you like) embroidery will serve you the Indian way.

Whatever you wear, we are sure you will look splendid on your Wedding Day!  
Shaadi Mubarak!!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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