7 ways to wear White Shirt | Truly Bollywood Style

A crisp plain white shirt has been said a wardrobe essential time and again.
Quite Justified!

It is the most versatile piece of cloth for the no brainer situations when we just want to dress up without a fuss. No matter how trendy we are, it’s really basics that help us get through our daily grind. Pair it up with blue denim and there you go!

Classy! Evergreen! And boring? Well yes, it is! 

So, today we bring a few iterations to make your classic piece a trendy one.

1) With Shorts
With the scorching heat, we ultimately land up wearing a pair of shorts for the much needed relief. Want to make it cooler? Just wear it with a white shirt. You can keep it flowing or tuck it in. You can team it up with boots for a stylish edge.

2) With Aztec skirt

Elegant! That is the impression of a white shirt. Pairing it up with a printed or Aztec skirt can add some fun and looks totally stunning when pulled together.

3)  With Flowing skirt

While pencil skirts are too common to wear, you can add some punk to your entire ensemble by a flowing skirt. This is a more relaxed look, perfect for daytime.

4) With Leggings
Too tired to dress up for the weekly errands? Just pull down an oversized white shirt and a striking pair of leggings and you are ready to go.


5) With Dress

To be frank enough, till recently, it never came to my mind that a simple plain white shirt could be worn under a glamorous dress and make you look ramp ready. You can get this oh-so-pretty look in a jiffy.

6) Crop Shirt

Crops tops have ruled the market since a very long time and I will not be wrong if I say, they have been quite successful. The latest trend in the ultra chic world is crop shirt. They are bold and feminine at the same time. Pair it up with dazzling accessories and you are sure to make heads turn.

7)  With Palazzos

According to me, fashion is just not about flaunting the new style. It should be comfortable as well for you to carry it with confidence. What can be more comfortable than palazzos. Call them bell bottoms or flared pants, they have got girls stuck their eyes on them.

Which one are you going to try first?

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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