Thank You, Mom - You have turned your baby into a beautiful young lady

Hi Everyone,

To be a mother is not an easy task,
yet you do it proudly everyday no matter what is asked.
You have turned your baby into a beautiful young lady.
You were there for me since the very beginning and saved me countless tears.
The pushy and wise advice you gave will carry me through the years.
With my every mistake or wrongful deed,
you were always there to understand.
You put no limits on my dreams or anything else I wish to do.
You never forget to say you care or that you love me to.
The smile and tears upon your face when I achieve provides me with more value in my heart then you'd ever believe.

 Today is not Mother's Day but I am teary eyed and want to say BIG Thanx to my mom.

Of course, I can't say much but ....
this video will explain the volcano of emotions erupting inside me .... 


Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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