Best Indian Street Food at Bangalore Marriott Whitefield

Hi Friends,

This week our taste buds were looking for some Street Food, and just the right time to try
Street Food Wednesdays
Marriott Whitefield

Wednesdays are usually laid back and we tend to be at home. But this Wednesday was different we both were craving for street food and luckily we came to know that Marriott is running Street Kitchen and we decided to try it.

Weather was beautiful and just perfect to try Street food and Marriott arranged setup in open with ambiance of "Chatori Gali" as I like to say it, with complete gastronomic delights arranged for you on different stalls, which are colorful and you can see all the fresh ingredients in front of your eyes, Street hawkers selling junk jewellery and you can hear the street ready songs like "Munni Badnam Hui" to "Sheela Ki Jawani" and a stall selling "Bhayankar Thandi Beer" (Dangerously Cold Beer) lol

We settled at the central table (never want to sit away from such great food) and started our food journey.

We could not resist to start from Delhi Chats they have complete range Bhalla Papri, Aloo Tikki and the Yummy Gol Gappe. And here I hear Shalini's voice "bhaiyaa chat teekhi banao" and I was remembering our days in delhi eating chaats. All the chaat's we tried were amazing and were comparable to delhi street food.
I certainly got devilish idea and got some vodka from "Angrezi Daaru Ki Desi Dukaan" and made some vodka gol gappa's , they were yummy man :)

Yummy Papri Chaat ( Amitabh Bachchan on side lol)
Chef Preparing Aloo Tikki
Aloo Tikki with Choley (Mazaa aa gaya yaar)

Next we moved to stall of Aamchi Mumbai, "Kasa Kai" , Famous Pav Bhajji and Keema Pav were being prepared. Keema Pav was out of the world really a must try.
Pav Bhaji
Keema being prepared

When we can smell fish we knew its stall from Bengal, amazing fried fish was available and I wanted to try one and ended up eating 3 portions of the same, different types of fishes were available and had amazing spice and were cooked well

Fish Fry

Ama yaar street food ki baat ho aur Lucknow ke Galouti Kabab nahi khaye to kya khaya

Galouti Kabab

There was some amazing Hyderabadi Biryani, Handi Chicken and Veg Handi at offer.

Biryani/Handi Chicken

They had some amazing drinks to offer at Bar, you have to try them.
For all your Old Monk Fan's out there they have offer that if you Drink Neat, they will not charge for it, so all you Talli people out there go ahead and drink till you fall :)

Jaani Add some Rum Paani ( Shikanji with White Rum)

No Street food is complete without Karari Jalebi, it was made according to my taste crispy and not tooooo sweet, just perfect.


So friends what are you waiting for on Wednesdays head to Marriott and taste some amazing street food.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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