5 Easy post-workout beauty tips

Gymming forms the part of most of us as a healthcare routine.

We all love to lose that extra flab in the happening environment of gym! 

Well, but most of us are NOT left with much energy or time, post workout to ensure hectic beauty regimes. As a result, we suffer various problems like acne, hair fall and freckles etc.
So, here are some of the quick fixes, you can practice to maintain your health as well as beauty.

CTM of face

Cleansing, Tonning and Moisturizing are the steps of basic skin care.
So why not to follow it  after gym as well?
Go ahead and use either moisturizing wipes, face wash, cleansing milk  or a natural ingredient like besan for cleaning your face. Follow it with a tonner.
You can use rosewater or cucumber juice as a natural tonner and get the best results!
Now it’s the time to moisturize your face. You have many brands to choose. Jovees, Joy, Lotus, Nivea, Lakme has great products.

Hand Sanitizers are must!
After gymming, your hands need to be sanitized. This will remove dirt and kill bacteria.
This may be available at gym or you can carry your own product.
Choose from the brands like Dettol, Himalaya etc.

Ways to remove tanning

After you are done with the workouts, you may go out in sun. See to it that you wear a scarf and protect your skin. But many times your face may tan.
No worries, we have natural remedies to remove tanning! Make a paste of almond, gram flour, turmeric and water. Apply it and wash after 15 minutes.

Happy hands and feet

Mostly it happens that we go to gym in morning and after that we have to go to office, meet people. Your hands and feet need special and quick pampering.
Use products like hand creams, foot creams, foot powders, lotions with pleasant fragrance. You will feel fresh and your hands and feet will be soft and supple.

Make up tips

Make up post work out has to be simple. See to it that your skin is properly clean and then you apply a makeup. You can use a BB cream and a gloss and that’s it you are done!
You can also use a moisturizer, light foundation, a compact and a lip balm to look elegant. Use light floral perfumes to smell good.

So guys what are you waiting for?  
When you pack your bag, just make above products your friends for gym and enjoy health and beauty hand in hand.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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