Story Of Peri-Peri at Nandos

Hi Friends,

Last weekend we planned a chicken overload and decided to visit Nandos. Originated in South Africa, Nandos is based on Portuguese/Mozambican theme.  They have casual dining concept and display some amazing art-pieces which are bought from African artists and definitely catch your eye.

Nandos displays its Promise to customers and some legends to tell "The Story Of Peri-Peri" and
"The Legends of the Barcelos Cockerel", that adds to ambiance.

PERi- PERi is the core differentiator and is USP of Nando’s. It is the heart and soul of the brand. PERi- PERi recipes have always been a source of family pride and have been passed down from generation to generation. The Nando's PERi- PERi sauces are just such a recipe – a combination of old-world mystery and guarded secrets. We were all excited to try them.

 Here is the menu we tried-


Spicy mixed olives, Roasted veg dip, Hummus and warm Pita -
Hummus is good and Pita breads were really fresh.

Chicken livers and Portuguese Roll - we loved this, great liver dish I have tried after a long time.

Chicken wings in variety of PERi-PERi heats-awesomeness


Portuguese salad - Fresh and light, loved the burst of freshness.

Main Course

Grilled Chicken with Peri Peri Sauce.

Espetada Rustica with beans and corn - it was juicy and tender (must try)

Butterfly chicken breast Meal


Portuguese lemonade - really good if you like chilli, but not recommended with Hot Peri Peri sauce.


Choco cake: A decadent chocolate cake with layers of home-made buttercream

Overall a great place for chicken overload, you can experiment with level of spice you want in your chicken and they will not disappoint you.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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