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Hi Everyone,

No sooner that our Taste buds were craving for something Asian this week, that we came to know about this sprawling new restaurant in town Tim Tai

Tim Tai is an all day Asian Deli, offering well known and popular Asian delicacies, located in the hot spot of the city’s growing food map, Koramangala. With the setting of a new world casual dining place, Tim Tai offers an exhaustive Asian menu, that can be best described as fast, fresh and mouth watering, it retains the 'great authentic' taste but is tweaked to the palates of today. 

Tim, is the keeper of all tradition, versus Tai, the enforcer of the new. This is where fusion of traditional Asian recipes happens with twist of the new.
Tim Tai has an inviting ambiance with pops of green and its high ceilings, and you notice open kitchen and a tree in the center of the restaurant, which altogether gives you a cheerful airy setting in a bustling city.

Tim Tai has a wide variety menu and we tried the following:

Soups :

Clear Soup - Clear soup with Spinach, Tomato, Burnt Garlic & Glass Noodles
Wonton Soup - Wonton Soup with Pokchoy and Shitake

SBN recommends to try Wonton soup, it light healthy and tastes good.


Raw mango salad - Raw mango salad with crispy fried onion and crushed peanuts
SBN recommends this if you are salad lover, though you can tell to avoid crispy onions.


Mushroom Satay - Button mushroom skewers with roasted chilli paste
Tofu satay - Black soya, crushed pepper, grated ginger

Chicken satay - Chicken skewers with coconut milk, curry powder, lemongrass
Prawn satay - Prawn skewers with Indonesian chilli sambal

Nothing great about Satay's , but Mushroom Satay was better than others.

We tried a lot of them and they were all great..
Corn & Spinach Gau
Shitake & green onion cheong fan
Shanghai Chicken Dimsum
Lamb & ginger wotip
Shrimp HarGau

SBN recommends Lamb & ginger wotip and Shrimp HarGau they were the best. 

Banana Leaf Wrapped Fish with Balinese Spices 
SBN recommends - one of the amazing fishes we have tried, healthy and tasty

Main Course:

SBN says Tim Tai has the Best Main Course spread and each choice tastes amazing

 Water Chestnuts & Shitake with Black Pepper Sauce(v)
 Broccoli & Spinach with Yellow Bean Sauce (v)
 Thai Green curry
 Ginger Chicken with Green Peppercorns, Wood Ear Mushrooms & Chinkiang Vinegar
 Lamb & Leeks with Black Pepper Sauce
 Pepper Prawns with Baby Corn & Mushrooms
 Chicken Graprow with Hot Basil, Chillies and Kaffir Lime Leaves(s)
 Hakka Noodles
Prawn Fried Rice

Time to ease it all down with Jasmine tea

Yes, ready for chocolatesss.. :)

 If you want to try something different you can try Water Chestnut Rubies with Coconut Milk

 So guys Tantalize your taste buds and head to Tim Tai for an amazing Asian Cuisine experience.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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