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Hi Everyone,

Its Print Galore and I am loving all things printed ... in fact, busy prints are tantalizing my mind. They are so fresh and come in vivid colors and monochromes too !! I simply love mixing and matching prints for an eclectic look.The charm and vividity of prints is so joyful that I cant stop myself from strutting around in style. 

Recently, I received a Reader's Query - I know I shy away from prints. I think they'll look "loud," or that a print will make me seem bigger. Help me get over it.

Something so pretty as print can never cause such fright and confusion. Just that you need to start with them confidently.

Here are 5 tips to take the prints in your stride

1. Choose the prints according to your body type. Simply try wearing them and you will know whether it works for your body type. Pick one of the colors in the print to add to the solid piece you will wear with it. You can keep it simple and safe by picking the neutral color in the print such as tan or white. This keeps the print as the focal point.

2. Coordinate your accessories to the prints you are wearing. Pick one of the colors in the print to match your handbag and another for your shoes. I prefer not to match my handbag to my shoes, this keeps it more interesting.  If this is too much to think about, go for a nude accessory that will always look amazing.

3. A denim shirt gives prints an easy vibe. To be safe pair your prints with denim shirts or jackets.

4. If you are game for mixing prints, then try mixing a classic print top with a larger print bottom, more graphic version of the same pattern.

5.  Color is a great connector for two varying prints. Remember that the prints need to have at least one color in common to pull them together. This is a little more difficult but could be really fun and trendy.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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