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All of us are excited about the festivities around and totally digging malls and shopping streets to get the best for ourselves, family and friends.  I found the perfect detsination at 'The Forum Value Mall' WhiteField, Bangalore as festive shopping destination since its buzzing with Flea Market, Colorful Dance performances, loads of fun activities with kids and to top it all Bars and Restaurants to feed you with scrumptious food after a hectic shopping round. It was a place to celebrate Diwali in its true spirits with lots of lights, joy and laughter. The Diwali d├ęcor at the Mall brings out the true essence of the festival during these days of Diwali.

A curtain dropping of multi-colored lights at the entrance beholds the eye and soaks you in revelry. The mesmerising arch made up of a mesh of fairly lights and led in the shape of coconut is the cynosure of the mall this Diwali and welcomes all patrons to the mall with a slice of merriment. The flickering lights lend an aura of festivity with their auspicious orange glow !!

Here are few pics which captured the essence of festive fun ...

Forum Mall Bangalore

Diwali shopping india
Diwali celebrations india
Festive lights india
Best Flea Markets
Best Flea Markets India

The mall visit is incomplete without stepping into the vibrant and buzzing Stomp Bar. We were taken by the ambiance and decor of the place first hand. I was really impressed with the color theme and the overall feel of the place ... Notwithstanding novel trends, the classics endure. 

Truly satisfying dinner with a delectable array of flavorful meats, little nuances that make for a satisfying biryani and vegetables wrapped in the lightest of casings, that made for a satisfying meal on the whole.

A festive trip well-enjoyed by all !

Stomp Bar Bangalore
Food Wine India Best

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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