Best wine food pairing Indian cuisine with Four Seasons

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Four Seasons Wines has organized a great campaign where Food and Wine join hands to create a Gourmet Indulgence. Where top chef's have created a cuisine which will prepare your palette to enjoy wines and provide ultimate gourmet experience.

We had a great 3 course dinner organized at Vivanta by Taj,Graze for Gourmet Indulgence.

It was raining heavily and we were stuck in traffic for sometime before we reached Graze, but all our nerves were relaxed by checking the ambiance of Grace, staff was really friendly and were making sure of our convenience. Lady at front desk escorted us to our table.
Rohit as usual got busy enjoying ambiance and to capture it.

luxury food and wine india

food wine india Taj

The night started with refreshing melon drink, it was a lovely melon smoothie with tangy lemon. It really kicked our taste buds alive :)

 Being Prawn lover, we both ordered prawn for starters, they had medium spices which were bringing out the taste of prawns, white wine with its crisp acidity and bit of sweetness worked well with spices of prawns.

food wine india
Best food wine india

For main course I ordered Salmon with pan fried mushrooms in cointreau sauce. Salmon was cooked well, but had an overpowering fish taste which was taking over the taste of mushrooms. Red wine with soft velvety tannins was working good with Salmon.

Rohit ordered spring chicken with olive oil mash, barley risotto, sautern's sauce  and young vegetables. It was as Yummy as It looks :)
Rohit is always lucky with his choice of menu and I often think i should wait till he orders. Chicken was awesome and risotto was really working well with chicken. Anyways good for me I enjoyed chicken as well, Rohit enjoyed both red and white wine with chicken.

food wine india cuisine
Salmon with pan fried mushrooms in cointreau sauce

food wine india pairing
Spring chicken with olive oil mash, barley risotto

Oh my my, we are already full and here come the deserts we ordered Caramel Tart for me and Home made Vanilla ice cream with Graze twist for Rohit.
And you guessed it right Rohit's choice win again and this time I moved my Caramel Tart to Rohit and started eating Vanilla ice cream.

FourSeasons wines
Taj food wine india
top food wine india

Finally a great evening came to end, we had Great Food which was paired with Awesome Four Seasons Wines, truly a Gourmet Delight.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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