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Hi Everyone,

Yes, I am a spa-holic and don't need any reason to land up in spas frequently. Body polishing and massages are a major addiction and keeps me calm and relaxed throughout the year. Whether I am on vacation or working, spa treatments are a must  for me. With that kind of affection, you can imagine, how I feel when I am invited to experience a spa session with a renowned brand.

That is the excitement I had when I landed up at .... 
for another wonderful experience of calmness. 

The main win win points for a spa specially for me are

1. Soothing Ambiance and decor
2. Soft calming music
3. Well trained and Experience Masseur ( I can ignore everything else for this one)
4. Hygiene
5. Genuine products

I opted for  

Palmarosa & Ylang Ylang Body Polish (30 mins) - Uses Dead Sea salt soaked in Palmarosa and Ylang-Ylang essential oils to exfoliate the skin. The damage-repairing properties of Palmarosa combined with de-toxification benefits of Ylang-Ylang make this body polish effective in eliminating toxins.

Natural Protein Body Wrap (20 mins) - Body Polish is followed by application of a protein mask which contains natural soya protein and absorbs toxins from the body. The sweating that occurs as a result of being wrapped snugly in a sheet also helps in the removal of toxins.

By the end of 1 hour of total bliss, I was not only relaxed but my skin was feeling happy and soft.

Came back with -

1. A diet plan as per the individual requirements suggested by a trained dietician.
2. Discount Voucher for my next therapy.
3. Guide to Stress-Free Living
4. And an Annual Membership Card with 50% Discount

Now, I am a proud member of The Four Fountains Spa and my bonding with spa therapies is going to another level #HappyDance

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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