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Hi Everyone,

Goddess Rings - Lotus Mendes
King Tut Handcuff - Lotus Mendes

Do I need to describe the beauty of  these amazing Goddess Rings and Cuff in words ??

Seriously, words or pictures are not strong enough to capture the essence of these excellent pieces. Since the day they have arrived, they are sitting inside my heart. As you have sensed by the pictures, I have a special bonding with these jewels now. They are part of my outfits, one way or the other. These pieces can speak without saying a word”.... Magic happens !!

Delivering a Decade of Madness….

Lotus Mendes has arrived. After 12 years of creative chaos, madness, love and passion, the first Lotus Mendes Collection is here. Self taught jewelry designer Victoria Cheatham delivers her first collection comprising of an eclectic fusion of rawness, anarchy, opposites, symbolic messages and a mixture of new generation and tradition.

Victoria creates pieces daily by what she feels, see, experience, believe and learn. By definition Lotus Mendes pieces ultimately want to empower, provoke and individualize peoples ideas and conceptions of how accessorizing yourself with precious jewlez you can create your own foothold in this mad world. Lotus Mendes hopes to create an awareness of self-uniqueness and self-acceptance and individualism through her pieces.

From skulls, hearts, stars, angels, frogs and warrior swords to Egyptian influences of Queen Nefertiti, King Tutankhamen and vultures her first collection is about creating a brand that will continually bring uniqueness to the forefront of its collections. Each piece is designed and created with a meaning and ultimately to bring out the inner beauty and energy of its wearer. It’s all about the wearer feeling, looking and believing that they look amazing.

Lotus Mendes: “It’s not just a label – It’s a lifestyle”

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Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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