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Hi Everyone,

We have all gone shopping with at least one man in our life.
Let it be your boyfriend, husband, brother, or father, we have shopped with or for them.
I’ve often found myself getting bored during these times as it’s only “a shirt/T-shirt and a pant” and sometimes they all look the same.

This was until I recently tried on a Raymond’s shirt and discovered the versatile ways of styling these shirts.  Shirts are not as boring as they may seem, especially for all you women out there. A man shirt looks way sexier on a woman when styled right.

They are timeless pieces of clothing that can add some fun to your wardrobe. 

Let me take you through how to style a dude-like look in a Raymond’s shirt.
I experimented and put three looks together

Look 1: Keep it casual with Raymond’s

This would be more of a look for when I am travelling.
Just put on a shirt and tuck it into my shorts. This is a complete comfort look and purely effortless.

You now know what to do when you’re running late to catch your flight!
Airport look done in a jiffy :)

Location - Aloft Bengaluru, Cessna Business Park

Look 2: Party ready with Raymond’s

Often feel the horror of someone wearing the same outfit as yours at the party? 

Since not many women experiment with purchasing outfits from the men’s section, this look for a party is something you don’t have to worry about.

Wear the Raymond’s shirt over your tube dress and pair it with a chunky belt.
You could fold the sleeves of your shirt or just have them lifted on top. 

Look 3: House party in a Raymond’s shirt

A house party look can sometimes be tricky. 

You want to look fancy and yet subtle at the same time. For a house party look, I decided to have my Raymond’s shirt on and pair it with a wide waist corset belt.

The belt does the job of adding drama to the outfit and keeps my look balanced.
I decided to keep the drama subtle with a black wide waist corset belt.

Next time you are travelling with a man, you’ll can always look at reducing the luggage? 😉

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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