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Hi Everyone,

So it wasn’t too long since I got back from my Thailand trip that I realised that all the travelling and sun exposure has caused some dullness to my hair. Each of us have hair that is unique and responds to every treatment differently. 

What may work on your hair may not work for me. 
Knowing this, I thought of looking out for a solution to my dull hair that will definitely suit me.

After a lot of reading up I came across the System professional hair treatment. 

System professional is an industry leader when it comes to hair care. They have, in association with top stylists have succeeded in unlocking the secret to re-energizing and transforming hair. 
I was keen on trying this out as it seemed like the solution I was looking out for.

I visited the Body Craft Spa and Salon at Koramangala to try out the System Professional hair treatment. The staff was very warm and welcomed me! 
They were well trained on the science and art of the hair treatment as my beautician inspected my hair to understand its energy profile. 

She diagnosed what treatment would work wonders for my hair!

Hair with the right energy levels is responsive to styling, is manageable, with glossy shine and comb-ability it’s not tired, limp or dull, it’s alive with youthfulness and vitality,” says Maria Castan, System Professional - Senior Scientist.

I got the system professional hair treatment done and my hair feels great. 
It feels re-energised and replenished. 

The products that suit my hair profile and what I took back home are

·       (H1) System Professional Hydrate Shampoo - Gently cleanses the hair and gives long-lasting moisturization and luscious combability. It does not overload the hair thanks to the lightweight formulation.
·       (V3) System Professional Volumize Mask - The intensive weekly treatment for volume and stability that reinforces the hair structure from within. The formula with excellent care performance, strengthens the hair fibre without overweighting the hair.
·       (H5) System Professional Hydrate Quenching Mist - The daily detangling spray locks in the moisture as part of any care regimen. The immediate effect adds softness and combability, the hair feel is silky and does not weigh the hair down.

What I loved about the treatment and my entire experience is that the System Professional treatment comes with a diagnosis of your scalp, not only that, they also have highly personalized hair products that need to be used at home. 

Next time you face any issues with your hair even after a lot of hair spas and salon treatments, you may be getting treatments/products that do not suit you. It’s time to treat your hair with the best in the hair care industry. 

Get your hair profiling done and give your hair the treatment it needs.
Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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