10 Must buy items from DrugStore

Hi Everyone,

So here is a post, which is gonna save your time from going one shop to another.
Today I am listing 12 must pick cheap items for skin and hair care, beauty etc. from your drug store. You can thank me later for this.

1. Buy Hair Removal cream or Wax stripes for emergencies.
I prefer Veet Creams MRP : Rs. 59/-
Veet Wax Strips MRP : Rs. 170/-

2. A face cleanser, we need it before applying the makeup and after removing the makeup as well, you can pick the 200 ml Neutrogena Deep Clean facial cleanser for Rs. 339.

3. A lip balm for you sexy lips, I love Maybelline Baby Lips and it is just for Rs. 99.

4. A Face scrub and pack for your do it yourself cleaning at home, for this I trust on Himalaya Herbals products, they are available at just Rs.130 each.

5. A daily use face and body moisturizer to keep your skin soft. I buy Nivea’s smooth milk body lotion, which comes for Rs.287

6.  BB or CC cream whatever you prefer for regular makeup. 
I prefer Maybelline’s BB cream, which is for Rs. 250 or
Lakme’s CC cream, which is also Rs.250

7. Don’t forget to pick a kajal, linear and mascara for your beautiful eyes. The Colossal kajal from Maybelline comes for Rs.137, gel linear from Maybelline comes for Rs. 499 and Lakme’s waterproof mascara comes for Rs.199.   

8. Always, always keep a hand sanitizer in your bag, so pick that also, Dettol Hand Sanitizer comes for Rs. 200 only
9. First on the list is Face tissue, because we need it in all weathers. I being a sensitive skin prefer Johnson’s baby skincare wipes, which has 80 sheets and is for Rs. 220.

10. Rubber bands and some tick tacks pins to make different hairstyles, cheapest of all Rs.5 per piece.

11. Pick a hair oil, shampoo and conditioner for hair care, every mother's favorite 
Parachute Hair Oil comes for Rs. 90, 
Head and Shoulder Hair Shampoo costs Rs. 135 and 
Conditioner for Rs. 182.

12. Also don’t forget to buy cotton balls or pads. There really isn’t any specific brand for that. 
I prefer the sterilized ones

And there are some other things that are not available on all the drug stores 
but ya some do stock them, they are: -

1. Eye shadow palette
2. Blush palette
3. Dry shampoo for your lazy day.
4. Hair styling spray
5. Nail paints and nail paint remover

Plan your next trip to the drug store accordingly.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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