Fashion Trend Quirky Prints and Neons

Hi Everyone,

This is a season of colors and prints. That too, brighter the better :)

Add a single bright element to any outfit and make it look instantly updated. 

SBN favorite? The neon bright pant. We like a skinny jean or legging in brights for a streamlined, but fun look. You can keep the rest of the outfit neutral or mix in a contrasting bright print for a balanced look. Remember that brights highlight whatever area you wear them on, so if you are bottom heavy, you should wear bright pants with caution (just be sure to cover your bottom with a dark or neutral tunic for camouflage !! 

The simplest way to pop some bright into your life? Throw over a gorgeous printed jacket in a bright pink, blue, green or yellow. It's a small dose of chic (look how great it works for Neon and Black) and works great to liven up a casual outfit.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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