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About Souk on the Move
•    Souk on the move, is a Flea Market with a Twist.
•    The platform brings together a combination of exciting brands on display, coupled with entertainment and frolic.
•    Souk is an Arabic word for market and “on the move” suggests that, it is a market which moves from place to place. Hence we would not only be organizing souk within Bangalore at different locations, but also be travelling to various cities.
•    Our logo is derived from a grand Indian Truck which is always on the highway moving from one city to another. The Indian Truck resonates with the rustic senses of our Indian TG.

How are we different from other flea markets?
•    We give select brands not only an opportunity to set up stall space but also to reach out to their TG through innovative brand integrations on a first come first serve basis.
•    We choose venues that are TG friendly, approachable and appropriately accessible. We might just reach your doorstep one day.
•    We travel from city to city, giving brands a platform to showcase their products.
•    We surprise you with products which are relevant to the market, kitschy, eccentric maybe and relevant to the season.
•    We make sure; once you step in… we have your interest levels hooked for the day.
•    Brands that showcase their products with us are rest assured of maximum brand visibility.
•    Gen Next Fashion Show with a difference.
•    CSR- Tie-in with a puppy adoption agency.
•    Indo Fusion Band- Swarathma
•    Jukebox set-up at the venue.
•    DJ Suman belting out the latest in commercial and Bollywood music.

Stall Details
1)    Arty souk - Kitsch store in HSR layout
2)     Handmade Pledge - Comic strip and music related paintings
3)     Brag – handbags
4)    Bling
5)     Shijokes- Caricatures and Frames
6)    Pink Jalebi
7)    Earthernstyle- Earthenware
8)     Silver Nut Tree - upcycled products
Event partners
•    Title Sponsor- Kingfisher Strong
•    Fashion Partner- Soch
•    Outdoor Partner- Jaagran Engage
•    Powered by Partner- Idea
•    Blogging Partner- Stylish by Nature
•    Magazine Partner-Klick Fashion Magazine
•    Venue Partner- Counter Culture 

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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