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Today on a sizzling platter, I am featuring one-of-a-kind online destination Boticca.com (London)

Boticca.com is the global online destination for accessories that connects customers directly with top independent designers all over the world. Boticca.com makes it easier and more enjoyable for customers to discover high-quality, unique jewelry, handbags and fashion accessories with a meaningful story. With headquarters in London, Boticca.com has handpicked more than 250 emerging designers from over 40 countries and offers a selection of more than 6,000 pieces of jewelry and fashion accessories. 
Boticca's slogan "I'd rather wear a unique story" is incarnated in each and every piece they offer to their customers. See it to believe it...Right....Join me

Steven Harkin's Pod futuristic small messenger bag
Great cross-the-body messenger bag, best-seller of the range. 
Benefits from a detachable strap and can be attached on a belt.
Nice aluminium handle detail. 

Gemma Redux’s Liz Bracelet
Rough Cut Rock Crystal Stones
Silver, Gold and Steel chains
Lobster Clasp Closure
Celebrity piece: as seen on Cameron Diaz

Eina Ahluwalia’s 'Kirpan Necklace'   
100% Handcrafted with intricate fretwork on Brass with 22 Karat Gold Plating. 
Can be worn at several lengths.

                      Krista R's Winter in St. Petersburg           
Luxurious and unique textile art collar is inspired by "Eugene Onegin" -a novel  

  Helen Ruth's Cameo and Pearl Scarf
Pale mint green scarf with a border of cameos featuring all sorts of whimsical characters from the world of Helen Ruth!  
A garland of Oyster coloured pearls decorates the centre of the scarf with a vintage inspired leopard print design. 
This scarf is printed on 100% silk satin and finished with a hand-rolled hem

Interview with Chiara Cirella and Philippa Nash, style-hunters on Boticca.com, an online accessories marketplace for unique jewelry and accessories.

Reasons you love your job/things you don’t love so much:
Chiara: Being able to do something you love as your job! Travel, meet some fantastic people, discover amazing designers and their pieces and be able to support them! The hardest part of our job is having to say no to a designer- you may have loved their designs and their story but there might be some aspect that doesn’t quite fit for Boticca- this is hard.

Describe an average day at the office for you:
It’s hard to describe average, as no two days are the same.  From sourcing designers on the database, meeting with designers and talking through their collections and learning about their inspiration, to going to trade-fairs and exhibitions in search of emerging new talent, if you are passionate about design and creativity, there really isn’t a better job!

Does your personal style reflect on how you find new designers? Or are there other factors you look at when "hunting" for a new designer?
Philippa and Chiara: It’s key that you don’t let personal style get in the way of what might be right for Boticca. Being unbiased is tricky, but if you are working by the right criteria when you are looking for new designers ranging from design, materials, type of accessory, and of course quality.

Any predictions for next season trends?
Chiara: Summer is always a time for more uplifting, whimsical, bright pieces, so there is always more demand for vividly-coloured beaded bracelets and bangles. We don’t really try and be slaves to trends when it comes to designers, more, shall we say, trend sensitive or trend aware.  Really we look for designers whose pieces might coincide with fashion but whose pieces are more timeless, with an inspiring story.

What interests you about fashion?
That there are no rules with fashion, everything is open to interpretation.
You have started your own jewelry line, how does designing your own label differ from working for a large corporation? We aren’t a jewelry line and so we don’t have a label as such either. We are a curated marketplace, the Boticca site is a platform on which designers can exhibit their pieces and connect directly with customers all over the world.  There is no comparison from working with a large corporation. We aim to offer an experience that is highly personal; should a person wish to get a piece of bespoke jewelry, they can communicate with the designer directly throughout the entire creation of the piece.

What would be one special thing about a design that would catch your attention?
We look for quality, innovation, uniqueness, and what it is that makes a piece or a concept so individual- what makes it stand out.

Do you think social, economic and technical factors have affected fashion over the years? How?
The explosion of blogging and ecommerce has totally revolutionised fashion and people’s approach to fashion. People shop online more than they ever have before-and there is so much choice, so the customer is becoming much more discerning.

--Chiara and Philippa, Style-Hunters on Boticca.com.

Visit Boticca to view more accessories including the clutch bag collection, scarves for women and cocktail rings
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